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Public policy design, evaluation and diagnostics

Based on evidence and rigorous analysis, we develop program and process diagnostics for clients, redesign programs and public policies, and evaluate them to effectively solve social problems and improve public policymaking. 

Policy diagnostics

An accurate diagnostic is essential for the development of effective solutions. At the Ergo Group we help our clients identify, understand and visualize every aspect of the public policy problems they are facing, which will lead to the identification of possible solutions. 

Program design

At Ergo, we help governments face public policy issues with an optimal vision, designing –and implementing— cost-effective and resourceful programs that successfully tackle the root causes of these issues. We work with a results-based approach so that public funds are invested effectively to contribute to a greater social well-being.

Program evaluation

Program evaluation is an essential task. Only through evaluation may taxpayers, government officials, and politicians know that public funds are actually translating into results. At Ergo, we do rigorous evaluations to help governments identify programs that should be escalated and those that should be modified to deliver the expected results. These evaluations help promote evidence-based policy-making and a more effective government expenditure.

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