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Advanced analytics

Through the use of advanced analytics, we uncover hidden value by presenting complex topics in a simple manner that is easily understandable and usable by the client.

Simulation modeling

Our advanced analytics team helps our clients simulate the diverse scenarios that may arise based on historic data of the elements that may have a key influence over the final results. This tool allows our clients make informed decisions. Our scenario analysis allows clients to gain a better understanding of the results that their decisions may ultimately lead to.

Statistical modeling

Statistical models enrich clients perspective on important issues and aid their decision-making process. 

Data visualization

At Ergo, we know how to present complex data in a simple and efficient manner that is easily understandable by our clients. We build user-friendly databases so our clients may rapidly visualize and consult relevant data to make informed decisions. Our databases are also designed to be easily, if not automatically, updated with the latest information.