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Why choose The Ergo Group

We help our clients effectively navigate in an era in which the public sector has been characterized by a lag in the accountability, efficiency and adaptability of public services. Public servants and policymakers must make strategic decisions to answer the increasing demands of their citizens for quality public policies and government services. We work with our clients to meet these demands through:  


A unique combination of technical knowledge and expertise.

  • Our entire team has a public policy background as well as over 15 years experience in the field, which translates into a deep understanding of public policy and of the issues that government officials and policymakers face.
  • We leverage our proprietary IT platform MētisBPM, as well as other cutting edge technologies, that add value to our clients to provide innovative solutions with a unique approach to improve policy-making.
  • Based on our technical knowledge and understanding of public policy issues, we are able to present complex topics in a simple manner that is easily understandable by our clients and their stakeholders.

Long-lasting relationships with each of our clients.

  • We develop strong ties with our clients based on our deep understanding of the public policy challenges they face and on the results we have provided for them.
  • More than 85% of our revenue comes from ongoing engagements with satisfied returning clients.
  • The work we have done for clients and the changes we have helped them execute in their organization, have led to recognition and awards.
  • Our committment is to help our clients to innovate in the design and execution of public policy programs and initiatives.

Highly personalized services and custom-made solutions.

  • Our partners and senior consultants are deeply involved in each project thus delivering an exceptionally personalized service to every client.
  • We recognize that no two projects are the same and we identify the unique nature of each one of our clients' problems in order to develop highly-customized solutions that effectively address their most pressing issues.

Being an international company.

  • The Ergo Group is based in the U.S. and does most of its work in Mexico and Canada.
  • Our consultants have an international world-view and exposure to the most salient public policy issues as well as to the most effective and innovative ways to solve them.

True commitment to having our actions affect social change, boost government efficiency, and positively transform policy-making.

  • We work to find the best solutions that not only last over time, but truly improve policy-making.
  • We firmly believe that through innovative and comprehensive solutions governments can work better, thus resulting in better public service delivery and a in a greater and more effective reach.