Public policy analysis

We design public policies
and perform program evaluations
to effectively improve
government performance
and solve social problems.

Business process improvement

We strive to gain deep
understanding of how each
organization functions in order to
radically improve key process
efficiency and boost results.

IT solutions

We help our clients design
and deploy innovative
IT solutions in order to
meet both their short and
long-term strategic goals.

Advanced analytics

We reveal hidden value by
uncovering patterns and trends
and presenting results
as simple, understandable
and usable insights.

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The Ergo Group is a distinctive public policy and strategic technology consulting firm.

We bridge the gap between the pressing policy imperatives that policy makers face, the promise of advanced analytics to reveal insights and inform solutions, and the capacity of information technology to bring about meaningful change. 

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United States

2 Arcade Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708

Tel: +1 (510) 649-8437
Fax: +1 (510) 649-8437

We also have offices in Mexico City.

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