Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico


Client: Consular offices of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the agency in charge of consular services such as issuing passports to Mexican nationals living abroad.

Problem: Mexican consulates around the world are facing increased delays due to poor processes and a lack of poor processes and lack of customer service standards.

Ergo’s Solution: In collaboration with CIDE, a leading educational Mexican research institution, we have worked since 2012 with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to implement process standards for consular documentation services in Mexican consulates around the world, that resulted in improved consular services.

Results: The project successfully reduced customer service and waiting times to less than an hour, and established systematic metrics monitoring practices in order to mitigate and manage changes in demand for those services. The opportunity cost savings to the Mexican community abroad from reduced waiting times is estimated at over $300,000,000 USD a year.

Project phases

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Our results