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IT Solutions

We deliver innovative IT solutions as a result of a perfect combination of our Metis technology solutions platform, our team that is always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, and our deep knowledge of public policy issues.

Metis BPM

In order to deliver the best and most innovative IT solutions for our clients, we have our own IT platform: METIS BPM. Our platform has functions to analyze models and to access data outside the model.

These include:

  • Searches within an enterprise that satisfy simple or complex criteria.

  • Multiple views of a model to address different areas or audiences.

  • Navigation of a model, for instance through zooming into containers.

  • Performing methods such as calculations

  • Links to external data.

  • Data exchange with other applications.

  • Reporting.

Product integration

For an IT tool to be completely functional, it must be integrated with all other relevant tools and devices. We have solid experience integrating our IT products and services with the rest of the client´s software programs and devices.

IT strategy and planning

Through our unique expertise in IT services and products, we help our clients design IT strategies and invest strategically in IT tools in order to meet short-term and long-term goals. 

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